5 Car Washing Tips to Make Your Used Car Look New

car washing tips

Sometimes your old beater just needs a little shine and sparkle. A beloved used car is prone to looking a little rough over time, so it’s important to know how to keep your vehicle looking as new as possible.

Not only does cleaning your car improve its appearance, but a good scrub can also ward off things like rust and degradation. We’re going to explore a few key car washing tips in this article, giving you some insight into how to keep your vehicle looking brand new.

Let’s get to it:

Simple Car Washing Tips for Used Cars

The age of your car should determine the tactics you use to clean it. A classic car, for example, might get damaged by abrasive brushes and scrubbing tactics. Not to mention, the interior might not be able to stand some of the harsher chemicals in cleaning products.

We mention this because it might not be the best idea to use all of the methods below on each particular car. That said, you can generally use the ideas below on anything that isn’t too old.

1. Scrub It Yourself

Our first suggestion is to get out a couple of buckets, some cleaning products, a rag, or a wash mitt, and clean your car on your own.

We say this because the do-it-yourself method is the only one where you know exactly what chemicals are being used to clean your car. You can also be sure to clean out the crevices that a car wash might not get. to.

2. Clean on a Schedule

At the very least, depending on where you leave, you should really clean your car seasonally.

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More realistically, you should give it a wash every time you notice some dirt caked on the side or under the tire wells. If you’re more of a schedule-type person, try to clean your car once or twice a month.

3. Wheels and Headlights

While wheels and headlights aren’t lasting parts of your vehicle, it’s still important to keep them free of debris. Try to scrub your wheels out with a rag that’s separate from the one you clean the rest of the car with.

This is because wheels are home to a lot of grime, which would just get spread around the vehicle if you used the same rag. A good tip for foggy or cloudy headlights is to use toothpaste on them.

Scrub some toothpaste onto cloudy headlights and rinse the remainder away with water. It should have them looking clear as ever.

4. Get It Detailed

The interior of your car can be vacuumed and picked up as many times as you like, but there’s always going to be extra dirt that gets tucked away.

Try to get your vehicle detailed at least once or twice a year. This will keep serious harm from occurring, and you’ll feel great whenever you hop in.

5. Use Your Hand to Double-Check

Once you’ve washed the exterior of your car, there’s no telling whether there’s still some grime left that you didn’t notice. The grime and contaminants are what lead to damage to your frame in the long-term.

Run your hand along the outside of your car and feel for lumps or clusters of dirt that you hadn’t noticed. Scrub it away and go back inside confident that you did a great job.

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In Love With Used Cars?

Hopefully, our car washing tips were helpful in your attempt to keep your old vehicle around. If the time comes when you need to find a new car, though, we’re here to help.

Contact us for more used car information, as well as used cars that you might be interested in taking home.

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