5 Questions to Ask a Used Car Dealer Before Buying

used car dealer

Buying a car from a used car dealer can be a taxing experience. The old stereotype of a pushy salesman following you around the lot trying to put you into a poorly maintained lemon at new-car prices? No thanks.

Fortunately, the Internet has done a lot to change that. It has given consumers more options and more information than ever before to make the right decision for themselves and their families (and financial experts agree, it really is the way to go.)

In the following article, we’ll be lending our expertise to the before-you-buy process. In particular, there are five questions you should be asking every used car dealer, including us, before you proceed with a purchase. Let’s begin!

1. What Are the True Costs?

Used car options can sometimes appear better than they are. It really depends on where you’re buying the car. Some dealerships aren’t as forthright with fees, taxes, and other extra costs, or at least not at explaining them.

Make time during the negotiations to tell your used car dealer that you want to know the final price you’ll be paying. Go beyond the sticker price to protect yourself in negotiations.

2. What Is the Mileage?

The mileage a car has on it can greatly impact the time it has left on the road. Talk to your dealer about how many miles, what type of miles (town vs. highway), and use that as a strategy for comparison. Check online and in your area to see if the asking price for the miles bears out.

3. What Is Covered by Warranty?

Many used car dealerships will offer limited warranties to the cars they sell. It’s standard, but it might also be confusing.

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After test driving vehicles you’re interested in, make time to discuss at length what is covered, for how long, and whether there is an extended warranty available. If so, what’s the length of time you have to decide?

4. Is a CarFax Report Available?

The CarFax report has become something of a must-have within the industry of used car sales. It details the car’s entire ownership history and gives you the ability to know how well the car has been cared for during its lifespan. That said, it is not above reproach, so make sure you know about the things that it might miss as well.

5. Is a Car Maintenance Schedule Available?

Finally, when buying used vehicles, make sure that you know how the car has been cared for since it’s been sitting there on the lot. When was the last service on the cars you’re interested in buying?

Ask to see the maintenance report at the dealership. Look at things like tires, oil changes, lights, and any engine problems the car might have exhibited.

Your Used Car Dealer Needs to Know You Mean Business

Buying from a used car dealer can be a great experience if you come prepared for the conversation and the dealer is willing to help you get the best car for your needs.

At Terry Subaru in Lynchburg, we’ve been helping customers do just that for many years. If we can answer any questions to help with your buying decision, contact us today.

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