Choosing Comfort: How to Choose the Right Subaru Sedan

Subaru sedan

Finally, you are in a position to acquire a new automobile! Congratulations are in order because it’s buying a car isn’t a mean fete. Spoilt for choice on which car brand you should go for?

Well, the Subaru has had a strong footing in the country for quite a long time. According to a report, Subaru’s sales are up 3.5 fold over the last decade. People like this model because of its good performance, affordability, and the wide range of models they offer.

If you want a Subaru sedan, this guide will assist you in making the right choice.

The Subaru Impreza

The Impreza is among the smaller compact cars that are budget-friendly. But don’t let its size fool you into thinking you won’t be comfortable while driving it. This Impreza has a roomy seating capacity for 5 occupants.

The body style of the Impreza sedan offers sufficient leg and headroom for all the occupants. The front seats in particular are day-long comfy. Tall adults will find the second-row seats spacious enough to accommodate them.

The Impreza impresses when it comes to handling. It has a steering system that’s responsive and direct with a touch of a sporty feel. The standard AWD provides a great road grip for enhancing your safety while you’re cruising.

A Subaru Impreza can ride over a rough pavement comfortably. It isolates the cabin from the wind, the outside noise, and extreme bumps.

The Subaru Legacy

The Legacy is your go-to option among compact cars when you want something safe, comfortable, and roomy. This model has an upscale cabin that’s built from top-notch materials that give it a cool and modern outlook. The seats are day-long comfortable with an accommodation capacity of five people.

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The rear legroom is nearly 40 inches which makes the Legacy an impressive choice for people who value space. You’ll drive comfortably with this model’s 2.5 liters four-cylinder engine with a horsepower of 182.

Furthermore, the AWD provides excellent grip to the Legacy thus giving you the much-needed confidence to negotiate corners.

The Safety of the Subaru Sedan

Speed, acceleration, handling capability, and the car’s appearance are all important considerations in a car. However, all these features won’t matter if the car you choose doesn’t guarantee your safety as you drive.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assigned a rating of five stars out of five for both the Impreza and Legacy 2021 models. These safety ratings apply to rollover tests, frontal, and side crash tests. This means that when you choose the Subaru when buying a sedan, you’ve prioritized your safety.

How to Choose the Right Subaru Sedan

Get to enjoy better car performance and excellent handling capabilities by buying a Subaru sedan. The different models of these automobiles have impressive exterior and interior designs that will make you stand out on the road. Besides, they are budget-friendly so there’s always something for everyone in their family.

When it comes to safety, a Subaru sedan won’t disappoint; regulatory bodies have given it the highest ratings. Shop now at Terry Subaru to get yourself a reliable sedan today.

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