Choosing the Best New Subaru For You

best new subaru

If you are already eyeing purchasing a new Subaru, then you likely are already aware of Subaru’s excellent reputation for safety and reliability. You might also know about the great durability and high resale value.

So, if you’re sure going with a Subaru, what model would be best? Keep reading for some great tips about choosing the best new Subaru for your car needs.

Which Is the Best New Subaru For You?

One basic question to answer when buying a new car is whether you’re looking for a comfortable sedan or a capable SUV. With Subaru, you actually have more options than just that. We’ve listed several Subaru models below, but check out all the options.

The Outback

While it may almost look like a standard SUV these days, the Subaru Outback has its roots solidly in the station wagon style. Originally the Outback was the station wagon version of the Legacy model sedan.

The older models are a bit of a cult classic these days! The new models are very highly ranked wagons. Both are great.

With its higher clearance and raised roof, the modern Outback is very much like an SUV, but it has retained a bit of the quirky station wagon sedan. If you are looking for a capable, outdoorsy SUV but don’t want the cookie-cutter look everyone else has, this is model for you.

The Forester

The Subaru Forester is one of the highest regarded SUV crossovers. It competes with vehicles such as the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape. For a crossover, it has decent off-road ability, but not as good as the more rugged Outback.

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Like all Subaru models, it comes equipped with all-wheel drive. If you are looking for a quality crossover with a little bit of off-road capability this is the model for you. It doesn’t accelerate very quickly, but it is a very reliable small SUV with great resale value.

The Ascent

This is the newest model (only available since 2018), and it’s basically a larger Forester with three rows. It’s got all the reliability and all-wheel drive of any Subaru, but it’s likely best for large families on the go, or for a great carpool. It’s the biggest vehicle Subaru has ever produced.

The Legacy

Subaru isn’t all SUVs, of course! Don’t forget about the sedan option. If you are looking for the Subaru brand to take advantage of the great reputation for safety, durability, and reliability, but don’t want an SUV, this is probably the right option for you.

The Legacy offers AWD and a six-cylinder option, which are both fairly rare for a mid-size family sedan in 2020. This model competes in a tough group with the Honda Accord and the Nissan Altima but holds its own quite nicely.

Drive Away With a Subaru

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