Clean Driving: A Closer Look at the First Subaru EV

Subaru EV

In 2018, nearly 330,000 electric cars were sold in America. This correlates to an increase of 75% from the previous year!

What does this mean?

It means America is embracing the future; and as a superpower and world leader on the global stage, it’s true that we have to set the example.

And this is exemplified in the first Subaru EV.

In this article, we will be taking a complete and comprehensive view of the Subaru Solterra.

Overview: Subaru Solterra Electric Compact Crossover

Subaru’s latest edition is the highly anticipated Solterra. Infusing the Latin words that represent “earth” and “sun”, this current namesake is aimed to highlight the vehicle’s ecologically friendly disposition.

The first electric car from Subaru, the Solterra is expected to be a technologically advanced powerhouse.

Set for release in mid-2022, the Solterra will keep pace with the Subaru Forester when it comes to size; with a capacity to seat up to five passengers.

This midsize SUV will come with ample ground clearance as well as a spacious cabin. Additionally, its smooth and sleek interior will bring silence and stillness to each drive; allowing for tranquility and relaxation on every commute.

Furthermore, it will also have standard all-wheel drive, which will power all four tires through any type of road or terrain you come across.

The First Subaru Electric Car

With growing awareness — and concern — being brought to climate change, more and more automotive companies are evolving with the times. And now, Subaru is getting onboard.

The Subaru Solterra is the very first electric car from the company. And this represents a huge leap forward in both innovation and progressiveness.

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The move toward more pure and clean energy is everyone’s responsibility in times such as these. And Subaru is doing its part to contribute to a better tomorrow via the Solterra.

Subaru Solterra Features

Set to go on sale in 2022, the Sabaru Solterra is expected to be a game-changer. And in recently released photos, Subaru teases us with a sleek and stylish interior design.

Its contemporary cabin is as spacious as it is sophisticated.

With a diagonal infotainment screen, you’ll be able to stay up to the minute with all of the vehicle’s operations.

And besides being a fully electric car, the Subaru Solterra is also a sight to behold. A beautiful design produced by polished craftsmanship really makes this vehicle stand head and shoulder above the rest.

You’ll be empowered with a sense of significance once you become the focal point of attention from everyone who sees you cruising by in such a lavished and picturesque vehicle.

Embrace the Future With the Subaru EV

We must change with the times or we’ll be left behind — nowhere is this maxim more prevalent than in the automotive industry. And that’s why the Subaru EV is so highly anticipated.

You need a vehicle that can grow and change along with the times that we live in– one that embraces the future.  And one of the best choices to make in regards to that outcome is Subaru.

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