Picking the Best Tires for a 2020 Subaru Forester

best tires for subaru forester

The Subaru Forester has built a reputation that’s rare in the crossover world. It’s a crossover SUV that actually can go off-road. It’s still a crossover and not an all-terrain SUV, but especially with the right tires, it will get the job done.

The Forester is also known for its great on-road driving experience. So, what are the best tires for Subaru Forester? Depending on your needs and environment, some types of tires are better than others.

Keep reading for some tire basics.

The Best Tires For Subaru Forester

Like everything else related to your car, the best tires for you will depend on your goals, preferences, and the environment you’re in. The following are some common options.

All-Season Touring

The easier option if you’re not sure what you want is to get some all-season touring tires. We can recommend a great set of these at ourĀ tire center. As the name suggests, these are tires that provide good performance throughout the whole year: hot, cold, rainy, and cold.

They are great for the open road and are fairly quiet. They provide a good ride in most conditions. So, why not use them all the time? Well, keep reading!

Winter Tires

Like all Subaru vehicles, the Forester has all-wheel drive, so you might wonder why you need to worry about winter tires. While the all-season tiresĀ provide a base level of performance in most conditions, snow and ice are still difficult to deal with, even with all-wheel drive.

A set of winter tires that are specifically made to address snow and ice will provide an extra layer of security for winter driving. The treads are made to provide much better traction in slippery conditions. You sacrifice a bit of the smooth and comfortable ride, but it’s worth it in the winter.

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High-Performance Tires

The best type of tires if you value higher speeds, cornering, and generally sportier style of driving will be high-performance tires. These won’t work well on snow, and they aren’t necessarily the smoothest on the clear road, but they provide the best high-octane driving experience.

They will make your Forester seem like it’s stuck to the road, even at high speeds or braking to take a corner. If speed and performance are a priority for you, then consider high-performance tires.


Finally, if you are hoping to take advantage of the Forester’s ability to actually function in an off-road setting, you’ll want to get some all-terrain tires. This will allow you to take full advantage of what the Forester can do off-road, even as a cross-over vehicle.

Get The Right New Tires

Contact us for more information and specific recommendations for the best tires for Subaru Forester. We have great options for whatever style of driving you like and whatever environment you’ll find yourself in.

The above tips are a great start, but finding the best tires for your Forester means something different for each person, and we can help you find out exactly what it means for you!

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