Subaru Safety Features: An Impressive Introduction

subaru safety features

In 2019, Subaru broke its sales record — a bar they had set in the previous year.

Clearly, people want to buy and drive Subarus. Many of them choose us because of the brand’s reputation for safety and security on the road.

But what makes our cars so protective? Here are some of the Subaru safety features to expect in your vehicle.

Subaru Blind Spot Detection

They’re called blind spots for a reason — you can’t see every inch of space around your car.

Your Subaru will serve as your eyes in those areas. The vehicles come with radar in the rear bumper, which will detect when another car moves into your blind spot. Then, a light will flash on your side mirror to warn you that someone’s there before you change lanes.

And, if you signal to move or steer toward a lane with a car in your blind spot, your Subaru will flash lights to warn you.

Subaru Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Similarly, you might need some help to detect obstacles when you back up. Your new Subaru will have you covered in that department, too.

These sensors work a lot like the blind spot detection feature. If you reverse and your vehicle senses other cars nearby, it will flash lights and sound an alarm to stop you.

Subaru Eyesight Technology

Many Subaru safety features revolve around the car’s Eyesight Technology.

A pair of cameras hide within the vehicle’s rearview mirrors. They continuously scan the road for danger and obstacles around your car.

Eyesight Technology improves Subaru’s cruise control. Rather than maintaining your vehicle at a particular speed, the cameras help your car adjust to the flow of traffic. If it senses something too close in front of you, it won’t speed up.

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Subaru Brake Assist

Your Subaru can detect a possible collision before you do, thanks to Eyesight Technology. If you’re approaching a vehicle, pedestrian or another obstacle in front of you, your car will alert you to the danger ahead. It will also start to press the brake to avoid or lessen the impact.

Subaru DriverFocus

There are so many things to distract you while you’re driving. Whether you glance at your kids in the backseat or peek at your phone, your eyes leave the road. But your Subaru won’t let you drive like that.

Instead, it will send out a visual warning to get your gaze back where it should be — on the road.

Subaru Lane Keep Assist

Eyesight Technology also makes Lane Keep Assist a reality. Your car’s cameras will keep track of lane markers. If you start to veer from your lines, the vehicle will issue a warning to keep you on track.

And, if you don’t react quickly enough to stay in your lane, the car will self-correct.

Subaru Safety Features — The Best Around

Now you have an idea why our cars continue to win awards for its security and protection on the road. Subaru safety features can’t be beaten — and it’s time for you to drive with that kind of assurance.

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